If you want your home to stay warm, you must keep your heating system in good operating order.

Did you know that sludge is formed when rust, debris, and other undesired items accumulate in your heating system over time?

Nobody wants their boiler to break down, yet sludge is one of the most prevalent causes. This implies that you should take good care of your heating system and keep it as clean as possible. Using a magnetic filter is one excellent way to do this.

What is the purpose of a magnetic filter for your boiler?

This useful accessory is connected to your heating system. The magnetic filter is connected to the water return line to your boiler. This implies that any undesirable waste products, such as rust or debris, are kept out of the system.

Any metallic particles in the central heating system are attracted by the magnetic filter and stored away from it. This not only prevents the formation of sludge, but it also ensures that the flow of water through the system is not disrupted.

Is it possible for me to install a magnetic filter for my boiler on my own?

Any work or installations on your heating system or boiler should always be performed by a professional heating specialist. Despite the fact that magnetic filters are quite simple to install, you should never attempt to do so yourself if you are even slightly doubtful about the procedure.

A professional heating engineer will always be pleased to help and advise you if you need it, but we always recommend that you leave it to the professionals.

How is a magnetic filter for a combi boiler system installed?

Installing a magnetic filter for a heating system with a combi boiler normally involves the following steps:

  1. Water will be discharged from the central heating system.
  2. The pipe where the magnetic filter will be installed will be marked by the heating engineer. Keep in mind that magnetic filters exist in a variety of sizes, therefore the amount of pipework required will vary.
  3. To make room for the magnetic filter, a portion of pipe will be cut and removed.
  4. After the pipe has been removed, a valve will be installed on each of the remaining pipe’s open ends.
  5. The magnetic filter is next installed and securely attached to the valves on both sides.
  6. You may need to re-pressurize your heating system after it has been installed.

As previously said, any work on your heating system should always be performed by a qualified heating professional.

If you’re installing a new boiler, this is a good opportunity to put in a magnetic filter as well. Magnetic filters are most typically installed during the installation of a heating system.

Of course, adding a magnetic filter to an existing heating system may be appropriate as well. We recommend that you have a heating specialist inspect your existing boiler to determine whether or not the magnetic filter is necessary. Imagine installing a magnetic filter only to discover later that you require a new boiler!

What are the advantages of using a magnetic filter in your heating system?

Installing a magnetic filter in your heating system has numerous advantages!

  • It keeps your heating system running smoothly and efficiently by removing dirt and preventing sludge buildup.
  • What does it mean to be more efficient? Lower your energy costs! Your energy costs will be kept as low as possible if your heating system is in good working order.
  • When sludge builds up from the debris the filter eliminates, all you have to do is remove the filter and clean it – rather than the entire boiler system! Cleaning a filter is a lot simpler.
  • Using a magnetic filter in your heating system can help you avoid boiler malfunctions and costly repairs in the future.
  • Using a magnetic filter to maintain your boiler system will help to extend the life of your boiler. Did you realise that it has the potential to extend the life of your boiler warranty?

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